Friday, November 5, 2010

Being killed by a lion - Who's fault is it?

Currently on the news the family of the man who was mauled by lions at Addo outside Port Elizabeth have reacted with shock and horror to the news of his death.

This news really caught my attention as at the end of the day I have to question myself who's fault is it really?

The lion is a born to kill preditor, a animal of the wild and very territorial. I feel that lions or animals will only act once they feel that they have been threatened or someone has crossed in their territory. They think like animals while humans think differently.

We are trained from small already to know that there are certain things that are dangerious and that we should avoid. Honestly, trained lion or not, it is a lion. Humans are supposed to be intelligent intellectuals and know better, so yes basically I'm not saying that individual had it coming to them, what I'm saying is that we should learn to be more careful,alert.

You never know when things turn out horribly wrong!

Trying to Diet

Trying to diet has to be the hardest mind action that anyone who might be over weight or who had a bit to much of McDonalds.

I believe that it is way more that following a simple diet plan that's printed in the latest "Living and Loving" issue. Eating nothing but museli, yogurt, fruit and vegetables for the entire day is a great way to make you feel weak, undernurrished and dreaming of steak - the big spur steak!

I know that it is not alway the biggest of people who go on diets yet, usually this is the case. How hard must it be to know that your naturally big yet, you keep starving yourself from food.

My advice is to eat normal, rather in smaller portions and make sure it is the healthy choice. Listen to your body, it will tell you what to do, I know I do and I would force 'rabbit food' in my system until there's nothing left.

At the end of the day you will have to be mentally strong and learn to love yourself, as I know I do.

Born to Travel

Traveling is so expensive it actually makes you scared knowing how much deeper you'll have to dig into your pocket. I will have to say at the same time knowing that there is such a vast world out there which I know I'm not even aware about!

Seeing various cultures, the way people interact with one another, findig 'global personalities' are so interesting. There are times I look out of my office window and just think what would It be like in Paris right now, or Rome.

These thoughts bundle up in my head and I'm full of excitement, the world is endless with all their posibilities yet, finance is alway the one putting you at a dead end! How I wish I had won the Lotto 7 times, which I personally think that they could've delegated that each individual can only win once.

Meeting tourists is alway such as pleasure and I cant hold my tongue at asking questions, how is Cape Town compared to where your from? What is your culture like? It must be amazing to travel and I know for sure that before I die I will travel to Rome!

My Client: Moreira Chonguica

Starting at my first PR consultancy Moreira has become to be one great musician and client.

Moreira Chonguica is a celebrated Cape Town based musician, originally from Mozambique. Moreira relocated to Cape Town to further his music studies where he graduated with a degree in in Jazz Performance and an Honours degree in Ethnomusicology at the South African College of Music (University of Cape Town) in 2000. Since his move to Cape Town, Moreira has established an impressive list of credits to his name.

2010 started off on a high note for Moreira, as his latest album ’The Moreira Project Volume 2 - Citizen of the World’, received the An’R (artist, repertoire and international licensing Magazine) Award of Excellence.

Its amazing that such talent is well received in South Africa, if one thinks of how in the past music was very stereotypical, everyone listened to the same music. For some reason, slowly but surely the youth are getting more involved in different type of music like jazz and classical which is great for exposure for Moreira and other artists in this field.

My Last Lecture

Finally the year has arrived at a stand still and no longer do I find myself in a situation where I have to get up early the next morning - lecturers are over!

As happy as I am to know that I will no longer worry about handing in assignments, writing tests, doing oral presentations its real sad to know that it has finally come to an end. I've come across this massive milestone in my life along with wonderful and very challenging classmates. My year has been a real tough ride as this time round I was literally on my own, it was a case of finding my individuality and being able to withstand certain situations on my own.

Management was my last class and how sad it was to see it go, lecturers are passing their blessings onto the future and I just so hope that we all succeed, in PR or wherever our paths take us. Life is full of surprises and I know that an unexpected surprise is waiting, a new challenge begins in the work environment!

I must say that although I have been working for a while, being at tech was casual and relaxing. I will no longer get a day that when its raining outside I can just put off my alarm and tugg further in the blankets, no, work is work and now its time for me to prove myself.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watch This Space?

If you understand the meaning of personal space well, then give me my personal space yet, you may observe this space from afar. I will be a bombing bombshell of awesomeness, creativity and enthusiasm. My life begins now and I have taken it by the paws and will never look behind me, this is my time and I will shine.

By starting my career as a Public Relations Practitioner already put me in the arms of a well experienced and exposed consultancy where I will grow in the celebrity and hospitality market. Regarding my personal life, this was never an issue to begin with. My friends are always there for me no matter in what situation I'm in I know that I can always count on them to back and push me forward to accomplishing my goals.

My family have always been there yet, will be there even more now that my space is ready for action. I'm bursting with positivity and ready for what ever life will throw my way I just hope that all challenges are not too hectic and that I learn from my mistakes. I'm growing and I'm moving fast and it feels good to know that my life is filled with endless possibilities.

My favourite Cat in the Hat Book is "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr Seuss

The Cat in the Hat Book is all about Literature - childrens literature, which has been going on for years and years now and has event made if from books to TV series and even big screen additions.

This book mainly revolves around mischief and mayhem which basically reminds me of the days when its raining outside and you have absolutely nothing to do. I believe when a child has nothing to do this is exactly what is on their mind. They're bored and while their mother is out - the Cat in the hat basically pulls them out of their boredom and gets ready to play. I cannot understand on the one side why they would want to create mayhem yet, this is the story while bringing thing one and thing two along for the destruction.

Personally i think these two small fuzzy blue imps are extremely weird and really scared me as a child and I would never let my children or myself ever even have an inch of the videos in my home - especially with the wreaking havoc in the home as a main display. At the end of the day the story unfolds as to who is going to clean up the mess, this might be famous beginner books - yet, there are much better out there.