Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is honesty the best policy

Honesty is the best policy as it is a sign of human integrity and being a good person.

Honesty is the strength binding all relationships; friends, family or partner. By being honest you have a clear conscience and you are respecting the person closest to you. Honesty is a step to free yourself from any fraud, deception or the smallest of things, like taking something that you shouldn't have and owning up to it.

No matter the severity of whats being said, by being honest it might worsen the situation or make you feel vulnerable yet, it's important that you are being true to yourself. As a result you've lifted a burden off your shoulders and now the ealing process can begin.

Yes, there comes a time in our relationships where you might feel that by keeping something away, your protecting the one you care for. In all fairness, you don't want to hurt the one you care about therefore, you keep it to yourself but reality is, that your only making the situation worse.

It's important to be sincere and truthful in all relationships because, that's what makes a strong and ever-lasting bond and builds good character.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If i were the boss...

I'm standing in front of Nadia Creations, a PR company and the largest skyscraper in Dubai.

My 1200 members of staff are of all ages, from which some are old friends of mine. Their are open plan offices for lower management and individual offices for top where, each one has their own space to do their part. The interior of the building will have bright colours of pink and green with contrasted pastel shades of white and peach. This will create an adventurous and creative atmosphere, which is important to produce good work and create positive staff moral. Paintings will line the corridors, which will showcase local artists as well as some of my own work, to give it that 'home' touch.

There would be free gumball machines as well as two vending machines on every floor. The cafeteria would be an outdoor setting, shaded by white marquee tents along shaded oak trees. Lunch time would be an hour and 15minutes which you can take at any time of the day provided, that you schedule your day commitments accordingly.

There would be a nursery facility right on the premises where staff are able to check on their children and spend extra time with them. The company will offer various workshops; skills training, leadership training and strategic thinking sessions where staff have the opportunity to build their knowledge and climb up the corporate ladder.

Within Nadia Creations, communication will be the key focus point along all decision making, where staff will be well informed and involved through good times and bad. Communications such as plans for the future, policies, procedures and very important to communicate to staff what is their role in leading the company to success.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two people came out of a building into a story

After a heavy night of drinking Mike and Allen finally decided to leave the pub yet, they hadn't left the building the same way they entered. Mike, falling after Allen, who suddenly stoped, "why you stop?" asked Mike, "keep quiet! these doors are different" Allen said while trying to keep a straight face. Mike slowly getting impatient and irritated pushed Allen aside and hurried towards the door.

Allen drew irresistibly near to the door as well, like a magician craving a new magic trick. As the door swung open, their guts tightened as they looked into the nothingness. Mike being more inquisitive and terribly impatient took a step forward with Allen gripping him from behind. Suddenly they both fell into the nothingness, weightless, spinning out of control which felt even worse from all the booze drinking moments earlier.

While spinning out of control, Mike shouted "Are we going to die?" "No, just hold onto my hand, hopefully were just having a bad dream" said Allen. Mike threw his arms wide towards Allen, while struggling through the feeling of rushed air. Moments later they plunged downward into Rosemary bushes down below. After they finally regained consciousness they looked up at a sign that said "You have crossed from the world of living, brought here by power' frightened they looked at each other wondering exactly where they were.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why do we have shades of colour?

Imagine a world where everything and anything is black and white. I find that really hard to do because, my life is a sunshine of colour. From the moment of birth, the first time i opened my eyes colours amazed me; blues, pinks, yellows, greens although i wasn't able to recognise which colour is which at such a young age, it helped me remember things better with relation to it's colour.

Today colours are everywhere, some we have the option to choose which colour to use such as what colours to wear in the morning or which colour to use to paint the walls of the house. There are vast amounts of living or non-living things that we cannot control which colour it should be such as trees, soil, the sky yet, we relate these things according to the colour that they have.

Each colour has a representation to it; with Valentine's Day the colour's red and white are associated with love and romance.

Shades of colour are expressions of our lives through the actions we take or decide.

Pathetic gifts for Valentine's Day

Being in a relationship has it's pro's and con's. On Valetines Day, a day which society sociates it with love, romance and then a chance to buy annoying gifts.

As a female, your always wanting the sweetest or cutest of gifts. The typical mug and false rose or small teddy bear, wrapped in silicone paper is not considered sweet the second time around.

The non - appetising heart shaped box of chocolates, along with the popular heart balloon on a stick would only be appealing for a child to play with.

The flowers you so eagerly waited for finally arrives to your door-step, only to last a minimum of two days.

The eager awaited romantic poem ends up being the tune to one of Celine Dion's lyrics, which you only end up reading once.

Perfume bought from public sales men sitting on the corner shop insisting that its the origional Paris Hilton or Britney Spears scent, only ends up being that the bottle was the only benefit of the deal.

Finally, the popular 'Happy Valentines Day' singing card filled with romantic red and white colour combination, real appealing to the eye yet, when opened it sounds like a cat is being pulled from its tale which is far from being romantic.

With all the experiences, Valentines Day is overated and should not be celebrated on one day of the year, it should be everyday where you search far and wide for the most romantic nd thoughtful experiences which is not found on shelves of supermarket stores.

Designer PR

"What are you studying?" a voice came from the opposite end from where i was sitting. "Public Relations ", assuming he knew what it was all about. Not long after, somehow after my response, he saw it as an invitation to strike up a conversation. "Is it like Marketing," he asked. "No Public Relations focuses on the internal and external publics of the company, it's all got to do with managing perceptions." "I dont think i quite follow you," he said confusingly.

"Lets take Designer PR for example this means that, with all the social networds availible today, PR can be put on a level even higher than Marketing. Like i said earlier; it's all about perceptions, good communication strategies and building strong relationships in relations to what companies stand for and incorporate that into the public."

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Is Polygamy a feminist issue?

Polygamy is a feminist issue, it is a matter of justice for women as they are objects of polygamy. Women fought for years to have the same rights as men. Through polygamy, we are not honouring our female activists who gave their lives for the rights that we have today. No women wants to be shared along many other women, by doing this, how is marriage portrayed as a sacred union.