Thursday, February 25, 2010

If i were the boss...

I'm standing in front of Nadia Creations, a PR company and the largest skyscraper in Dubai.

My 1200 members of staff are of all ages, from which some are old friends of mine. Their are open plan offices for lower management and individual offices for top where, each one has their own space to do their part. The interior of the building will have bright colours of pink and green with contrasted pastel shades of white and peach. This will create an adventurous and creative atmosphere, which is important to produce good work and create positive staff moral. Paintings will line the corridors, which will showcase local artists as well as some of my own work, to give it that 'home' touch.

There would be free gumball machines as well as two vending machines on every floor. The cafeteria would be an outdoor setting, shaded by white marquee tents along shaded oak trees. Lunch time would be an hour and 15minutes which you can take at any time of the day provided, that you schedule your day commitments accordingly.

There would be a nursery facility right on the premises where staff are able to check on their children and spend extra time with them. The company will offer various workshops; skills training, leadership training and strategic thinking sessions where staff have the opportunity to build their knowledge and climb up the corporate ladder.

Within Nadia Creations, communication will be the key focus point along all decision making, where staff will be well informed and involved through good times and bad. Communications such as plans for the future, policies, procedures and very important to communicate to staff what is their role in leading the company to success.


  1. Quite interesting. Just consider reading your blogs before posting it for punctuation, grammar and spelling. This is a good piece with substance.

  2. heheheheheheh.. Nadia Creations, PR firm.. Great idea! Now you just need to make it a reality. You make success sound so simple.. Great concept!