Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pathetic gifts for Valentine's Day

Being in a relationship has it's pro's and con's. On Valetines Day, a day which society sociates it with love, romance and then a chance to buy annoying gifts.

As a female, your always wanting the sweetest or cutest of gifts. The typical mug and false rose or small teddy bear, wrapped in silicone paper is not considered sweet the second time around.

The non - appetising heart shaped box of chocolates, along with the popular heart balloon on a stick would only be appealing for a child to play with.

The flowers you so eagerly waited for finally arrives to your door-step, only to last a minimum of two days.

The eager awaited romantic poem ends up being the tune to one of Celine Dion's lyrics, which you only end up reading once.

Perfume bought from public sales men sitting on the corner shop insisting that its the origional Paris Hilton or Britney Spears scent, only ends up being that the bottle was the only benefit of the deal.

Finally, the popular 'Happy Valentines Day' singing card filled with romantic red and white colour combination, real appealing to the eye yet, when opened it sounds like a cat is being pulled from its tale which is far from being romantic.

With all the experiences, Valentines Day is overated and should not be celebrated on one day of the year, it should be everyday where you search far and wide for the most romantic nd thoughtful experiences which is not found on shelves of supermarket stores.


  1. I agree.... a relationship is based on love. It is not just about one day of the year. Personally i think it is over rated. Buying someone a teddy bear, a card, a mug or flowers is not that expensive...untill February- when the prices of those items rises- convieniently. All for day one, the Valentine's Day celebration.

  2. Love your blog post.. Its SO Overated!!!! Personally I hate Valentine's day and all the other public holidays similar to it! But that's just me..