Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watch This Space?

If you understand the meaning of personal space well, then give me my personal space yet, you may observe this space from afar. I will be a bombing bombshell of awesomeness, creativity and enthusiasm. My life begins now and I have taken it by the paws and will never look behind me, this is my time and I will shine.

By starting my career as a Public Relations Practitioner already put me in the arms of a well experienced and exposed consultancy where I will grow in the celebrity and hospitality market. Regarding my personal life, this was never an issue to begin with. My friends are always there for me no matter in what situation I'm in I know that I can always count on them to back and push me forward to accomplishing my goals.

My family have always been there yet, will be there even more now that my space is ready for action. I'm bursting with positivity and ready for what ever life will throw my way I just hope that all challenges are not too hectic and that I learn from my mistakes. I'm growing and I'm moving fast and it feels good to know that my life is filled with endless possibilities.

My favourite Cat in the Hat Book is "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr Seuss

The Cat in the Hat Book is all about Literature - childrens literature, which has been going on for years and years now and has event made if from books to TV series and even big screen additions.

This book mainly revolves around mischief and mayhem which basically reminds me of the days when its raining outside and you have absolutely nothing to do. I believe when a child has nothing to do this is exactly what is on their mind. They're bored and while their mother is out - the Cat in the hat basically pulls them out of their boredom and gets ready to play. I cannot understand on the one side why they would want to create mayhem yet, this is the story while bringing thing one and thing two along for the destruction.

Personally i think these two small fuzzy blue imps are extremely weird and really scared me as a child and I would never let my children or myself ever even have an inch of the videos in my home - especially with the wreaking havoc in the home as a main display. At the end of the day the story unfolds as to who is going to clean up the mess, this might be famous beginner books - yet, there are much better out there.

Why I have conversations?

I communicate with someone to get my point across, this is my main aim in conversations other than just pointing out simple comments.

Conversations with a group of people to maybe only one or two can be hard if you don't now what to say or your don't have a point decided in your mind before the conversation has already taken place. Conversations help you to get to know the other person; their character and see what topics they see of interest compared to your own.

Having a conversation with someone can also be a stress reliever, when you have something on your mind that would be easier to communication with someone else and make the load easier for you to handle.

Before you start a conversation always know what your about to say - perhaps discuss or say what you would say in your mind and try to interpret what the other persons reaction would be, this wont make you look stupid at the end of the day or your conversation pointless.

My BIG fat dream

I cant say that I ever really had a big fat dream or even remembered it the next morning. Lately, i seem to dream about violent things, which I think might be due to the high rise of stress in my life with studying and working.

I can honestly say that I can only remember small dream pieces yet, this only lasts about 10 minutes after I wake in the morning. If I'm able to choose what to dream I would dream about my life before this one. A dream so profound that it would really be one to remember although my life and not just 10 minutes in the morning.

I would imagine myself being an Egyptian queen, a slave who knows, to experience someones life where in the end if might have been mine. Now this would be considered as a BIG fat dream.

It is something that i feel cannot be ignored let alone forgotten, something that I can tell my friends and that will give me experiences that I know I cannot experience in reality.

Conventional is a good fallback position isn't it

Well, we all see ourselves as different and it is good to be different yet, what if being different doesn't work out for you at all? What if being alone in your originality can some what be boring - conventional can be a good fallback position.

By following the normal customs and practices one can easily fall in societal backgrounds and follow the mediocre set of society. It is about you conforming to a set of standards which is seen as symbolic to society and will be able to welcome you straight in -with open arms.

By choosing a conventional path your agreeing to a set of standards and yes, it is hard to follow instructions and let alone instructions that are considered norm in society. You have to change your behaviour, your attitude and you actions - what ever you do is determined by what society expects from you.

At the end of the day if being accepted by society is all that you want well, going the conventional route wouldn't be such a bad idea.

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time

You cannot take on two goals at the same time, its like chasing two rabbits, who might not end up in the same hole at the end of the day.

Chasing two goals at the same time is like a dead end at the end at the end of the road and you can only turn left or right, you can only choose the one or the other and cannot choose both. Once people decide to chase two goals in life, I find the you don't accomplish any other. For example you cant choose to travel and want to build a family at the same time.

Although, these are good goals in life, the one conflicts with the other and will both pull you into different directions, which is like running after two rabbits, they are both extremely fast and will defiantly not follow each other in the same direction.

At the end of the day it is as important as breathing to make the right decision for you.

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea

You know the notion that if plan A doesn't work out you should follow plan B? Yet, what if it happens that you have only thought of plan A as the perfect plan - "Plan A" and it doesn't work out - then what - usually you move onto plan B.

An idea is something powerful, big or small it is powerful on its own. Albert Einstein is widely know for his genius mind and many knowledgeable ideas and discoveries yet, how do we know that those ideas arose from idea A or idea Z.

The fact of the matter is that having alternative plans to back up your idea or ideas is a cleaver thing to do, a clever strategy should always accompany your idea of which to the end you can go so far as to save your integrity.

Have you figured out your second head fake?

My head fake is all about how to lead my life in the right path, ultimately what is the right path? The path of trust, to trust all those around me and being honest in all that I do basically, these are the things that we ought to know within each and every passing day.

I believe that the way you lead your life will eventually determine your outcome - karma will lead towards the finish line therefore it is important to lead a life of integrity. I think that we should all understand the notion that life is not at all times fair and we have to learn to deal with it therefore, it is important to know where you are as an individual and know where your going.

It is important to know that there are no handouts in life and that you have to work for what you want in life. I think that I have understood my second head fake - yet, still have many more things that I need to understand and monitor my actions in line with spiritually and making sure that when I fall that I pick myself up again and again until I succeed.

How hard is it to follow instructions?

Instructions are usually clear and simple yet, no matter how bright you are I'm sure that there will be an instruction that you've either left out or one that you're not sure about.

For example the brightest of kid in class hands in there 50 page essay thinking that the larger the essay the larger the mark. Guess, again buddy, the instructions limit your assignment to 10 pages and now the student will get penalized by probably 15%.

Another example are page numbers and here i can say that I'm in fault. The simplest of instruction, all I have to do is click a button and 'poof' I've got page numbers. I think that when it comes to instructions, those that listen - that actually listen will follow instructions clearly and the outcome of their mark will determine that.

Moving away from educational instructions, you have normal day to day instructions which i believe is the hardest as you don't have someone to explain things to you. You will have to hope and pray that your reading the instructions clearly. Such as, when you need to warm pop - corn in the microwave although I know what to do as I have done this over and over I would read the instructions as I know the consequences.

Our behaviour to follow instructions will bring forth the outcome.

The Plight of Animation

Walt Disney Fantasia caught the world by storm, with mops dancing and wizards casting their spells – it was something that I loved to watch as a child. Today, we have greatly moved from a 2D Micky mouse to a computerized 3D character.

To sit back an actually see how time has evolved animation to such a great extent that the animation as a study choice has become one of great interest although, it is such a pitty that careers in this field aren’t available. In the past Walt Disney has been the top and only animation companies to produces animation of this magnitude yet, through the course of the years Pixar has been created using latest technology to their advantage.

No longer do you have to wait to see your characters in shopping malls – they are consistently on your television, your computer which is highly accessible in this day and age. Although. I believe that old school animation is the greatest animation, with the high technology used I feel that for children Gummy Bears will always beat Dragon Ball Z

What really is a babalas delux?

Have you ever woken up after a long night of parting and was so dehydrated and unbelievably hungry that is wasn’t even funny? This is my story of the best morning after cure to the “Babalas” called the babalas deluxe! Firstly, wake up, dry the sleep from your wery eyes and soon after, feel that unbearable head throbbing sensation, almost as if its creating its own techno party all from over in your head! Then get your ass up and do either one of three things, go straight to the toilet and let out what can’t be kept in any longer and go back to bed and wait the pain out, which is the stupidest one to do. Or go straight to the fridge, get another one of what you were drinking the night before and down it like there's no tomorrow! This one is for the Die Hard Spartans, who can actually gather up the strength to actually take that bottle, pour our self a shot and JUG! Through out my life I have heard countless people tell me, after a night of heavy parting, that they never ever drinking again, so good luck with that choice yawl! Finally heres what I would do, forcefully wake up, endure the unbearable pain of the techno party upstairs and go straight to the kitchen, turn on the stove and wait for the pan to heat up. Next a crack open some eggs and fry them sunny side side up, mmmm nom nom, then throw some red Vienna's in the same pan, maybe spice it up with some smoortjie add all these to a slice of Albany white bread, make sure it’s the puffy type, then add your extras like cheese, let it melt over the fluffy sunny eggs, add your pepper and salt and make you some Nescafe “Gold” for a thirst quencher. You have been served with this highly classified information, do with it as you please… It works for me J

My climb to Goudini Spa

In June this year, it was the first time that I went with my boyfriends family away for a weekend and our destination was Goudini Spa – with their main attraction being the hot springs.
I’ve experienced the hot springs before at Montague Springs with my family and it was totally amazing. Montague springs has hot springs that are smaller and a bit secluded compared to Goudini which is like one large hot pool without the colorful lights or water fall.

Alright, we had our own chalet along with my boyfriend’s cousins, which was great as we had time alone as well. One thing that always caught my eye is the landmark of Goudini Spa on the mountain that you see as you pass by on the N1.

At about 1pm on a Saturday afternoon we all decided to walk to the landmark and see it as some form of personal motivation. The walk was horrendous, the steepest climb that I have ever done, we were five people in the beginning yet, one got lost along the way and headed back to the chalet. Although, the walk was tiring, it lasted about 45min of uphill climbing and eventually we reached the landmark.
Did you know that the landmark is made out of painted white rocks? The view was amazing and luckily the climb down was much faster than up!

Andy Warhol said, "In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes." You can't choose your 15min but why would you be world famous?

This is real tricky, I have never thought of myself ever being world famous. If I think of those who are world famous, such as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, these a profound human beings who contributed significantly to the world that we live in today, specifically South Africa.

If I had to be world famous I would have to compare myself to these world icons, what have I learned from them? What can I bring that would be of significance as if I am to be world famous it has to be on a knowledgeable level and not on a celebrity level.

My character would be one – fun, loving and always ready for action and encompass this in every aspect of my life. I will be great in what I do , if not I will try and try again until I can no longer move forward.

The company that I keep around me is of major importance – to keep good people always aside by me is a great way to consistently give off good vibes to everyone around me and receive them in return.

Being ‘world famous’ is something that I would never want to be yet, in my own world I would want to be known as the above, one of great character and confidence.

My Viljoensdrift river boat ride

Viljoensdrift is a secluded river resort where your able to come along with your entire family as well as friends and book a picknic basket.

My boat ride began at 12am of which we departed from Viljoensdrift on a 1hour boat ride. There was about 20 passengers on board and I must say that I was pleased to know that there was blankets available as the wind suddenly picked up.

There were mainly tourists on the boat who ordered white wine accompanied with warm ciabita bread. We sailed mainly past weaver birds of which might I add – made 5 nests in my garden at home. Yet, the birds along the river bank were the same kind of bird as the one at my house, their feathers were darker in colour and their nests outnumbered my 5 by 50! Honestly, the ride seemed really short as was a bit disappointing that there wasn’t anything of real interest to see.

A skill called leadership

Firstly there are no rules in leadership yet, there a certain skills that can make you a good leader. Certain skills can make you a good or bad leader.

Leadership is all about responsibility knowing what has to be done and being able to strategically plan ahead. Many people leave out a very important factor that leadership does not have to be boring it is filled with adventure and fun but, never forget the importance of completing the task at hand.

Being a great leader is not determined by your status, you can be a CEO of a large corporation or the leader of a church choir – your role as a leader is to lead those around you to the best of your ability and delegate responsibilities that ultimately leads to you accomplishing your goals.

If you lead correctly, your followers will follow and will do the job correctly. One of the main keys of leadership that stands out for me is that whether your prime minister or president you are an explorer of human mind and it is important that you learn how to get things done through people – this is one of the most important skills of leadership.

My ride to Ravenna Mountain Resort

Firstly this place is very far from Cape Town, more or less 3hrs and 45min on the N1 to R60 of which you need to pack in a multitude of snacks.

Charlton and I decided to have a weekend away at a place that is not close to home – yet, I think that when he made the booking he didn’t realize that it would actually be this far. We planned to take leave the day that we left, which was a Friday yet, I couldn’t leave my job at all early enough therefore we left pretty late. Okay, so were on the N1 at 7pm and making sure that the car was fine added another 15 to 20 min to our time.
To get onto the R60 from the N1 is already over 2hrs, we could totally relate to the movie entitled “Are we there yet” each 10 km ride felt as long as 30 min each – it was completely exhausting and dark, the road was very dark.

We usually hate driving on the long road at night as you have those negligent drivers who drive with their bright lights on and totally messes with our eyes. Although, the drive was really long – at the end of the day it was so worth it, the place is a true mountain resort and fit for any family.

Rock Journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read - Frank Zappa

I feel that Frank Zappa has a point in the matter of rock journalism although, I have to be honest in saying I do not know much in the subject matter only that it is critism and reportage about music. Rock journalism began in the eighteenth century on what is now thought on as classical music.

I feel that with rock people are the hardest to understand or even harder to write upon, with their best loved leather trousers and top hats and glittery T-shirts can leave any one speechless. Yet, rock journalism has some profound news worthy item in all of this uncertainty.

Journalist spending hours trying to make the masses understand the lyrics and understanding of the lyrics seem comparable to us honestly, I feel that a journo write up cannot explain rock better that you actually attending a rock concert. It’s a notion of either you get it or you don’t!

The perfect boyfriend - Charlton

I have been with my boyfriend Charlton Smith for about 6 years now and in the eve of our anniversary I thought I would like to say something nice and wonderful about him.

You know you always get those movies that says “ten things I hate about him” or “John Tucker must die” the guys in these type of movies are the usual – asses that just think of themselves which clearly puts them in a rut at the end of the day. My point is that with such negativity around how men treat women how are you able to find the right guy? Well, I found my Mr Right, he might not be perfect, you might not agree with me – yet, the best thing is ‘I don’t care’. This is someone that makes me feel complete to my very tippy toes.

A guy that occasionally remembers to open the car door for me – which makes it so much more memorable and blows kisses my way in the mornings and evenings. This might sound like a love story and yes, it is, this is my love story. Knowing and growing with someone so wonderful for so long and actually accept them with their faults and all makes me realize that this is my soul mate, my friend and hopefully continue our relationship bliss for many more years to come. Although with the usual and very annoying addiction to play station or guitar hero – I say that if you cant beat them, join them.

How hard is it to follow instructions?

Instructions are usually clear and simple yet, no matter how bright you are I'm sure that there will be an instruction that you have either left out or one that you’re not clear about.
For example the brightest kid in class hands in their 50 page assignment, although the instructions clearly say’s no longer than 10 pages. This kid is thinking that they will score extra marks for the effort yet, they completely ignored the instruction and will be penalized.

Another example is page numbers and here I can say that I'm in fault. The simplest of instructions – all you have to do is use a click of a button and ‘poof’ its there yet, its very easy at times to miss on either one or two instructions. I think that when it comes to instructions, those that listen, that actually follow instructions clearly and those that don’t – their mark will determine the outcome.

Moving away from educational instructions, you have the normal day to day instructions which I believe is the hardest of all. It will be easy to get someone a cup of tea yet – to kill someone is an entirely different ball game. At the end of the day it all depends on morals and values and in what shit you will accept yourself to be involved in.

My top 60 achievements

1. Passing grade 1

2. Passing junior section of primary school

3.Passing senior year of primary school

4. Getting into the high school I wanted

5. Matriculating at the Settlers High School

6. Turning sweet sixteen and being healthy

7. Turning 18 and being healthy

8. Meeting my boyfriend at 16

9. Having a mother and father

10. Being able to design my own matric ball dress

11. Passing my art class throughout high school with A's

12. Planting my first tree at 5

13. Having my biggest birthday party at 3 and remembering it

14. Being the fastest runner in primary school

15. Playing the role of Cinderella at the age of 5\

16. Having the guts to sing in front of an audience at the age of 5

17. Being the best behaved student in grade 1

18. Learning to play the recorder

19. Playing Titanic tune on the recorder in front of my family

20 Learning to paint on canvas

21. Learning to shade with pen and pencil

22. Studying graphic design in my senior year of high school

23. Being good at sprinting

24. Being good at hurdles in high school

25. Not seriously hurting myself in high jump in high school

26. Being head cheerleader in high school

27. Doing choreography in primary school

28.Being house captain at age 12

29. Performing in a high school play

30. Joining the choir in primary school

31. Wearing a size 4 shoe and not a 7

32. Maintaining my weight

33. Being able to enjoy my vegetables

34. Understanding the importance of having a healthy diet

35. Getting over my PCOS syndrome

36. Climbing table mountain 3 times with my family

37. Appreciating the small things in life

38. Being a Aries - the best star sign of all\

39. Having a wonderful boyfriend

40. Getting a GHD for Christmas

41. Being able to cook

42. Having a great hand for baking and making all items great

43. Bing able to do my own make-up and not look like an idiot

44. Great - that i can dance

45. Getting my learners licence

46. Passing my drivers licence

47. Working at PPC Cement

48. Joining my first PR consultancy

49. Working with South African celebrities

50. Traveling and experiencing various hotels

51. Being able to travel the train without getting lost

52. Having the courage to travel at least once on the bus

53. Never loosing my cell phone

54. Standing up for my personal rights

55. Being accepted at CPUT

56. Being accepted to study Graphic Design

57. Being accepted to study Public Relations Management

58. Getting my PR diploma in 2009

59. Being accepted to study my degree

60. Finishing my studies for 2010

positivity vs negitiviy

Have you ever realised that when you speak to people about positivity vs negitivity, the universe and happiness. They look at you like you've been hogging that peace pipe a wee bit too long. Is it that far fetched a feeling to be sick and tired of always being the butt end of lifes funny lil jokes!!

I decided to take my own happiness unto myself, realising that if I wait for someone else to make me happy, I'm going to be waiting forever and I clearly wasted enough time on 'doom and gloom' days. It is also sooo unfair to put all that pressure on someone else to make you happy.

I looked at all the reasons of why I was unhappy. Wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it away. For a week, whilst driving to work, I made a lil mantra for myself; "I love myself, I love my job and today I'm going to love being alive cause no matter what, its going to be a good day!". During that week my sister noticed how different I was, she said that I don't look exhausted anymore and I'm becoming a 'glass half-full' person again and that she missed that person! I soon realised that I'm not as tired as I used to be at work anymore, people are telling that I'm beautiful and appreciating me more at work.

I decided to read my unhappy list, it was so childish of me because those things on my list shouldn't deter me from being happy, no! Its my obsticles in my life, its there to make me a stronger woman! I make my own happiness! A man can add to my happiness but I will never expect him to 'make' me happy.

I leave you with two of my favourite quotes from 'the secret'
"Choose your thoughts carefully .. you are a masterpiece of your life!"

"Happy feelings will attract more happy circumstances"