Sunday, October 31, 2010

A skill called leadership

Firstly there are no rules in leadership yet, there a certain skills that can make you a good leader. Certain skills can make you a good or bad leader.

Leadership is all about responsibility knowing what has to be done and being able to strategically plan ahead. Many people leave out a very important factor that leadership does not have to be boring it is filled with adventure and fun but, never forget the importance of completing the task at hand.

Being a great leader is not determined by your status, you can be a CEO of a large corporation or the leader of a church choir – your role as a leader is to lead those around you to the best of your ability and delegate responsibilities that ultimately leads to you accomplishing your goals.

If you lead correctly, your followers will follow and will do the job correctly. One of the main keys of leadership that stands out for me is that whether your prime minister or president you are an explorer of human mind and it is important that you learn how to get things done through people – this is one of the most important skills of leadership.

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