Sunday, October 31, 2010

My ride to Ravenna Mountain Resort

Firstly this place is very far from Cape Town, more or less 3hrs and 45min on the N1 to R60 of which you need to pack in a multitude of snacks.

Charlton and I decided to have a weekend away at a place that is not close to home – yet, I think that when he made the booking he didn’t realize that it would actually be this far. We planned to take leave the day that we left, which was a Friday yet, I couldn’t leave my job at all early enough therefore we left pretty late. Okay, so were on the N1 at 7pm and making sure that the car was fine added another 15 to 20 min to our time.
To get onto the R60 from the N1 is already over 2hrs, we could totally relate to the movie entitled “Are we there yet” each 10 km ride felt as long as 30 min each – it was completely exhausting and dark, the road was very dark.

We usually hate driving on the long road at night as you have those negligent drivers who drive with their bright lights on and totally messes with our eyes. Although, the drive was really long – at the end of the day it was so worth it, the place is a true mountain resort and fit for any family.

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