Sunday, October 31, 2010

My climb to Goudini Spa

In June this year, it was the first time that I went with my boyfriends family away for a weekend and our destination was Goudini Spa – with their main attraction being the hot springs.
I’ve experienced the hot springs before at Montague Springs with my family and it was totally amazing. Montague springs has hot springs that are smaller and a bit secluded compared to Goudini which is like one large hot pool without the colorful lights or water fall.

Alright, we had our own chalet along with my boyfriend’s cousins, which was great as we had time alone as well. One thing that always caught my eye is the landmark of Goudini Spa on the mountain that you see as you pass by on the N1.

At about 1pm on a Saturday afternoon we all decided to walk to the landmark and see it as some form of personal motivation. The walk was horrendous, the steepest climb that I have ever done, we were five people in the beginning yet, one got lost along the way and headed back to the chalet. Although, the walk was tiring, it lasted about 45min of uphill climbing and eventually we reached the landmark.
Did you know that the landmark is made out of painted white rocks? The view was amazing and luckily the climb down was much faster than up!

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