Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Viljoensdrift river boat ride

Viljoensdrift is a secluded river resort where your able to come along with your entire family as well as friends and book a picknic basket.

My boat ride began at 12am of which we departed from Viljoensdrift on a 1hour boat ride. There was about 20 passengers on board and I must say that I was pleased to know that there was blankets available as the wind suddenly picked up.

There were mainly tourists on the boat who ordered white wine accompanied with warm ciabita bread. We sailed mainly past weaver birds of which might I add – made 5 nests in my garden at home. Yet, the birds along the river bank were the same kind of bird as the one at my house, their feathers were darker in colour and their nests outnumbered my 5 by 50! Honestly, the ride seemed really short as was a bit disappointing that there wasn’t anything of real interest to see.

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