Sunday, October 31, 2010

My top 60 achievements

1. Passing grade 1

2. Passing junior section of primary school

3.Passing senior year of primary school

4. Getting into the high school I wanted

5. Matriculating at the Settlers High School

6. Turning sweet sixteen and being healthy

7. Turning 18 and being healthy

8. Meeting my boyfriend at 16

9. Having a mother and father

10. Being able to design my own matric ball dress

11. Passing my art class throughout high school with A's

12. Planting my first tree at 5

13. Having my biggest birthday party at 3 and remembering it

14. Being the fastest runner in primary school

15. Playing the role of Cinderella at the age of 5\

16. Having the guts to sing in front of an audience at the age of 5

17. Being the best behaved student in grade 1

18. Learning to play the recorder

19. Playing Titanic tune on the recorder in front of my family

20 Learning to paint on canvas

21. Learning to shade with pen and pencil

22. Studying graphic design in my senior year of high school

23. Being good at sprinting

24. Being good at hurdles in high school

25. Not seriously hurting myself in high jump in high school

26. Being head cheerleader in high school

27. Doing choreography in primary school

28.Being house captain at age 12

29. Performing in a high school play

30. Joining the choir in primary school

31. Wearing a size 4 shoe and not a 7

32. Maintaining my weight

33. Being able to enjoy my vegetables

34. Understanding the importance of having a healthy diet

35. Getting over my PCOS syndrome

36. Climbing table mountain 3 times with my family

37. Appreciating the small things in life

38. Being a Aries - the best star sign of all\

39. Having a wonderful boyfriend

40. Getting a GHD for Christmas

41. Being able to cook

42. Having a great hand for baking and making all items great

43. Bing able to do my own make-up and not look like an idiot

44. Great - that i can dance

45. Getting my learners licence

46. Passing my drivers licence

47. Working at PPC Cement

48. Joining my first PR consultancy

49. Working with South African celebrities

50. Traveling and experiencing various hotels

51. Being able to travel the train without getting lost

52. Having the courage to travel at least once on the bus

53. Never loosing my cell phone

54. Standing up for my personal rights

55. Being accepted at CPUT

56. Being accepted to study Graphic Design

57. Being accepted to study Public Relations Management

58. Getting my PR diploma in 2009

59. Being accepted to study my degree

60. Finishing my studies for 2010

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