Sunday, October 31, 2010

What really is a babalas delux?

Have you ever woken up after a long night of parting and was so dehydrated and unbelievably hungry that is wasn’t even funny? This is my story of the best morning after cure to the “Babalas” called the babalas deluxe! Firstly, wake up, dry the sleep from your wery eyes and soon after, feel that unbearable head throbbing sensation, almost as if its creating its own techno party all from over in your head! Then get your ass up and do either one of three things, go straight to the toilet and let out what can’t be kept in any longer and go back to bed and wait the pain out, which is the stupidest one to do. Or go straight to the fridge, get another one of what you were drinking the night before and down it like there's no tomorrow! This one is for the Die Hard Spartans, who can actually gather up the strength to actually take that bottle, pour our self a shot and JUG! Through out my life I have heard countless people tell me, after a night of heavy parting, that they never ever drinking again, so good luck with that choice yawl! Finally heres what I would do, forcefully wake up, endure the unbearable pain of the techno party upstairs and go straight to the kitchen, turn on the stove and wait for the pan to heat up. Next a crack open some eggs and fry them sunny side side up, mmmm nom nom, then throw some red Vienna's in the same pan, maybe spice it up with some smoortjie add all these to a slice of Albany white bread, make sure it’s the puffy type, then add your extras like cheese, let it melt over the fluffy sunny eggs, add your pepper and salt and make you some Nescafe “Gold” for a thirst quencher. You have been served with this highly classified information, do with it as you please… It works for me J

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