Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why attending class is important

While you are a student it is important to know that it is your obligation and considering how young you are, your parents obligation to send you to school and make sure that you stay there. I feel that many parents today don't really know whats happening at school these days especially with the enormous amounts of violence reaching the yards. Going to class shows your commitment and dedication to better yourself and more importantly gain the key to unlock your own future because, knowledge is power.

Yes, there are times when we all dont attend class one time or the other and i don't think that this is bad considering those that never end up in class. This is not only annoying for the other students but also the lecturers because, now we have to all hunt the culprit down. I would think being in B-Tech, students would take more responsibility to attend classes and not harass us when assignments needs to be handed in. Personally i feel if you do not have the balls to attend class then why bother doing the assignment. Your not showing commitment and basically putting forward a low standard of how you do things. In class we learn many things especially when the notes are linked to the assignments so, it is important to be punctual and disciplined.

There are students out there that just don't care about creating a better future for themselves and how does one stress the importance of attending classes and more importantly being involved.

The sound of one hand clapping

Looking from a mystical perspective deriving from the 'Zen Buddhism' states that the sound of one hand clapping puts forward the interpretation to allow one not to think to much and allow our intuition to govern our actions. This allows us to stop the constant puzzles of thought of rational and intellectual thinking and allow us to explore our intuitive feeling rather that thinking rationally. I would say that it is a world that we all need to look through in a different lens. The sound of one hand clapping is exactly that; Its created by two hands clapping together.

According to Zen masters, in the early centuries their students would meditate on the 'sound of one hand clapping' which simply implies to listen not for the sound of one hand clapping yet, the sound that is already there something which is not created.

We all go through live seeking guidance; techniques, help, advice and yes life does through us curve balls yet, we are easily to ask others for help or their opinion or we make a decision which is not entirely decided on our own. Many of us are to afraid to sit back and listen to something deeper that ourselves and find the answer within us. Our intuition is our greatest guide to making decisions. To finally stop putting 'two and two' together and look beyond what we are physically seeing.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Birthday, my opinion!

Its amazingly wonderful to realise each year on my birthday, what a gift it is to actually look back and say "Wow" another year "I'm getting older and hopefully wiser"

My day was a real good one ;-)

It started waking up in the morning to stormy weather but, that didn't phase me one bit because i enjoy cold weather opposed to warm weather. I believe that on those unbearable Cape Town, 38degree days ,there is absolutely no way to cool down but, in winter there are many ways to stay warm. Anyway getting back to the topic; i headed to class to attend a 'complaints session' which was more than interesting to say the least. I knew basically everybody wanted to target our Research lecturer because of the lack of structure especially when assignments are concerned. I honestly think that when he puts those slides up, it's not just our first time reading it as well.
The meeting turned out informative and was a good way to hear the lecturers side of things. Shortly after we had Communication Science where I was so grateful that we finally finished the long awaited "Development Communication" notes. It felt like my brain just couldn't handle more information at that point let alone the Research test which was to come.

The test went considerably well, I initially thought that it would be really hard considering how he stormed out the 'meeting' earlier the morning but, to my surprise it was good then finally, it was home time. The evening came real quick where my friends and I headed for Starlight Dinner to have some drinks and dinner, this was delayed as the car broke down on our way there. I was kind of irritated because, I'm always late for everything, if I'm early (which in this case I would've been) something would happen to make me late!

Eventually we were saved by the 'Knight in Shining Armour' and headed for Starlight, aware that we had major catching up to do. When we got there i put my crown on, and stomped my heels up the stairs which turned out to be another adventure on its own.

To be continued!

No, all who wander are lost

I was taught from young already ‘you can be anything you want’ my mom said, when I started school I looked up to the older kids, the seniors of the school. I always thought one day will be my day, my mom’s words didn’t just go in the one ear and out the other, it had a profound effect on me from as young as I was. Somehow I understood this; that the possibilities are endless and I hold my key.

I had a vision of what I wanted to be; in Grade one, I wanted to be a hairdresser, in Grade 7 I wanted to be an actress and in Grade 10 I so badly wanted to be a TV presenter. Basically, I had dreams, I had visions, I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew that it was important that I was going somewhere. It was ok at that age to not fully understand and formulate my goals because; I was just beginning to discover myself. Over the past 22 years I found that by having positive self-worth, it helped me understand where I was going, it helped me to determine my goals, I developed ambition and drive to get where I am today. I did it!

It’s easy for any ‘Tom and Harry’ to set goals for themselves but, it takes true determination and perseverance to put those goals into action. Before you can know where you’re going you need to know exactly where you are and from there derive your direction. This doesn’t come over night and therefore it is important to know your self-worth otherwise you will be lost.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How do you step from the top of a 100 foot pole?

At the start of our lives we are all given a choice, Tessa, made the wrong one! She grew up in the Cape Flats; it was hard growing up in a community filled with drugs, sex, abuse and alcohol especially when you have no parents for guidence. Being a teenager we are influenced easily in making the wrong choices, still in school, living with her grandparents Tessa became pregnant at the age of sixteen and had to make it on her own with no support.

Tessa had dreams like we all do; to get married, have a family she never had and experience love, unconditional love. All she had known was the abuse that she had seen throughout her life in her grandparent’s home. Five years gone by and Tessa is now 21 years old with no education and pregnant with her third child of which all were from different men.
Tessa was a victim, with no guidance, she ran from one place to another trying to feel accepted, loved and appreciated by running into the arms of men before her time. She thought she was ugly, unlovable and destined to hurt and be hurt forever. These happen to so many young women today and it is sad not for what had happened but, that they couldn’t see what was happening . Tessa could not see this pattern of destructive behavior nor had anyone to point it out to her.

You are living your own interpretation of what you are taught; it is a pattern that had emerged from childhood. Tessa was young, wounded and confused, she was attracting what she was because she never knew anything else existed, and all she knew was abuse and betrayal. After the birth of her third child, came the realization that she couldn’t go on with this pattern anymore; her realization became her first step.