Saturday, April 10, 2010

How do you step from the top of a 100 foot pole?

At the start of our lives we are all given a choice, Tessa, made the wrong one! She grew up in the Cape Flats; it was hard growing up in a community filled with drugs, sex, abuse and alcohol especially when you have no parents for guidence. Being a teenager we are influenced easily in making the wrong choices, still in school, living with her grandparents Tessa became pregnant at the age of sixteen and had to make it on her own with no support.

Tessa had dreams like we all do; to get married, have a family she never had and experience love, unconditional love. All she had known was the abuse that she had seen throughout her life in her grandparent’s home. Five years gone by and Tessa is now 21 years old with no education and pregnant with her third child of which all were from different men.
Tessa was a victim, with no guidance, she ran from one place to another trying to feel accepted, loved and appreciated by running into the arms of men before her time. She thought she was ugly, unlovable and destined to hurt and be hurt forever. These happen to so many young women today and it is sad not for what had happened but, that they couldn’t see what was happening . Tessa could not see this pattern of destructive behavior nor had anyone to point it out to her.

You are living your own interpretation of what you are taught; it is a pattern that had emerged from childhood. Tessa was young, wounded and confused, she was attracting what she was because she never knew anything else existed, and all she knew was abuse and betrayal. After the birth of her third child, came the realization that she couldn’t go on with this pattern anymore; her realization became her first step.


  1. It is a good piece ofwriting but how does it relate to the title/topic? I cant link the two.

  2. Cape Flats.. Oh yeah.. I can relate! In this life interpretation definitely plays a major role in who you can and what you will become. nice blog post!