Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why attending class is important

While you are a student it is important to know that it is your obligation and considering how young you are, your parents obligation to send you to school and make sure that you stay there. I feel that many parents today don't really know whats happening at school these days especially with the enormous amounts of violence reaching the yards. Going to class shows your commitment and dedication to better yourself and more importantly gain the key to unlock your own future because, knowledge is power.

Yes, there are times when we all dont attend class one time or the other and i don't think that this is bad considering those that never end up in class. This is not only annoying for the other students but also the lecturers because, now we have to all hunt the culprit down. I would think being in B-Tech, students would take more responsibility to attend classes and not harass us when assignments needs to be handed in. Personally i feel if you do not have the balls to attend class then why bother doing the assignment. Your not showing commitment and basically putting forward a low standard of how you do things. In class we learn many things especially when the notes are linked to the assignments so, it is important to be punctual and disciplined.

There are students out there that just don't care about creating a better future for themselves and how does one stress the importance of attending classes and more importantly being involved.


  1. What if classes are of no benefit, believe it or not?

  2. I totally agree with your point of view.
    There are people out there that would like to have the opportunity to study further and obtain a diploma or a digree in a certain field but due to finances and other circumstances they unable to do so.
    Yet there are students who take their studies forgranted and bunk classes. Why they don't come to class is of no concern to me, but it is extremely frustrating when the same student stay out of class on a regular basis and then they go around asking questions about tests and assgnments.

  3. Attending class is important, especially when lecturers issue assignments and provide us with feedback.