Sunday, May 2, 2010

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself

A lie is one thing yet when, you lie to yourself which is to repeat this lie constantly, you are allowing yourself to believe the lie. When you lie to someone or lie in general is, a poor thing to do no matter the reason you might feel was worth the lie in the first place.

There are people who lie uncontrollably and sadly they become the lie as no longer is it a lie to them but, it becomes ‘their truth’. It is poor judgment of character for someone to lie to themselves and some may think that it is a way of forgetting something bad which they have done and therefore see the option to lie to themselves to make it easier to forget and move on.

Having to lie leads to a bad conscience and I do not see how one chooses to lie to themselves because, it only worsens the situation and at the end of the day the ‘liar’ will suffer emotionally and physically.


  1. It most certainly worsens the situation.. liars suffer internal injustice and if you're lying to yourself.. please stop.. for your own sake!

  2. Read your blogs befor you post it.
    when you lie to yourself, you startr believing your own lies. Eventually, not only do others stop trusting you, you wouldn't trust yourself either and you would lose yourself in a world of lies.

  3. Great story, you speak as if you have plenty of experience in this matter. I like the story it feels as though it is from the heart or the lie.