Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wedding Cake in the middle of the road!

I must say when I first saw this heading it brings me back to the ideas I had of organising my wedding as a child and the wedding cake was one of the most important items where the dress was first, of course! Well, that thought has been pushed another couple of years into the future but, to focus on the effort that gets put into making and decorating a cake is unbelievable. Having a wedding cake in the middle of the road can only mean disaster and a huge disappointment for the designer/creator.

I don’t bake really but, my best friends’ mother loves to bake and enjoys making conversations on topping techniques or any creative ideas to make the product look more attractive. Hearing from her stories, it takes ample time to craft a beautiful cake with two hands which brings me to realize that a lot of passion and soul gets put into creating the ‘perfect’ wedding cake.

We all know that it is important to decide on the actual cake first whether, fruit, sponge, vanilla or my favorite chocolate; mousse to be exact. Well, the type of cake you decide on will determine the type of designs used on the foundation as it has to be delectable, moist and perfect. Next comes the best part; the plastic icing which is really tricky and not as easy as it looks as a great deal of time and effort are put into creating hand work of and decorations of; flowers, circles, hearts, twirls, dots etc.

It is an amazing way to let your creative juices flow therefore; I would be really pissed if ‘My’ wedding cake happened to land in the middle of the road.


  1. My question is how does a wedding cake land in the middle of the road.. It could have landed on the grass, on your kitchen floor but how in the middle of the road? Is it even possible? Has it ever happened?

  2. How did the wedding cake end up in the middle of the road? The title doesnt link to what was written.

  3. Personally I thought this topic was simple but your angle made it ok. Like the way you styled your topic.