Sunday, May 16, 2010

What qualities are going to make me successful in the future?

To be successful in life, or reach the path towards success requires physical and emotional development. Physical development such as one’s cognitive abilities, the power of knowledge together with the emotional aspect. The emotional aspect requires the development of the individual; of me and how I can develop as an individual to further my path to success.

To develop maturely and be successful I need to be ambitious; one needs to determine a goal that you want to reach and be ambitious enough to go through all the odds to reach the goal. You have to have ambition is also to have drive; the ability to not give up while facing obstacles.

On my path of success I will need to be empathetic, to have empathy towards others. To reach for success one has to be a leader and a good leader has empathy; you are aware of individuals feelings and therefore you feel with them. Empathy is as profound as it creates relationships through the understanding of feelings. To become more aware of intuition will lead one to great success as it allows one to not make decisions based on ‘hunches’ yet, much more as it is a system that allows you to see within, much more than just our five senses. Some people get ideas, others hear music, see pictures some get sensations, others hear words and some have conversations. None of these are correct in creating success yet by paying attention to what is outside and inside of you will.


  1. This sounds like emotional intelligence.
    Remember though, that you should not focus on empathy alone.It takes experience,
    know-how,risks,hard work,patience, developing skills and a few other important factors to be successful. empathy alone is not enough,not enough at all.

  2. This sounds like your emotional intelligence project but i love it.