Monday, May 24, 2010

Feelings follow behaviour

With all the hype of the wonderful township setting of Mzolis i just had the greatest urge or feeling to experience the township vibe once again. My first experience was great, so many friends, so many people with different backgrounds, personalities and in a 'normal setting' you wouldn't find people engaging with one another like they do at Mzoli's. Immediately i experienced a feeling of acceptance, of excitement, something different which i loved and couldn't get enough of. This feeling which was instilled in me basically created my personal experience and when someone speaks to me about Mzlolis i immediately related these feelings with it.

Coming towards the end of a hectic week, this was all that i was thinking about. After a hectic week of handing in assignments the experience of Mzolis never left my thoughts. I had somehow created a feeling of excitement and hype linked to the township experience. Friday and Saturday had come and yet, no matter what i had done i still had Mzolis on my mind; my feelings basically determined and directed my behaviour that i headed for Mzolis Sunday afternoon and to my pleasure it was exactly how i imagined it. My feeling about the place was exactly how i experienced it and because of my feeling towards the township hype it had led my behaviour to visit and enjoy my Sunday :-)


  1. Didn't see the link of feelings leading to behaviour however, the story is written so pleasantly, really enjoyed reading it aloud.

  2. what does Mzoli's have to do with how feeling follow behaviour?
    I did not see the link,It's a good opinion piece though.