Monday, May 24, 2010


In today's age young adults are so easily distracted, its is important to have focus, have focus on your goals through directing your attention and efforts to your desired location; your goal. With the influence of your social life and friends can make it hard at time to focus on your studies or assignment thats due. I would say that it takes a large amount of maturity to focus on the task at hand.

The average person is said to not be able to focus as much and if they are able to, they are unable to maintain it. It usually takes average talent, average time to do extraordinary things, it is what will determine whether you will achieve greatness. I would say that one reason average people dont learn to focus is that they live under false assumption that it requires great amounts of effort and will be a strain on them in some way. It is important that with maturity that wise decisions are made and the first thing to do is to focus on achieving your goals and from there make wise decisions.

This is a valuable life lesson of nature which i myself is still learning.

Feelings follow behaviour

With all the hype of the wonderful township setting of Mzolis i just had the greatest urge or feeling to experience the township vibe once again. My first experience was great, so many friends, so many people with different backgrounds, personalities and in a 'normal setting' you wouldn't find people engaging with one another like they do at Mzoli's. Immediately i experienced a feeling of acceptance, of excitement, something different which i loved and couldn't get enough of. This feeling which was instilled in me basically created my personal experience and when someone speaks to me about Mzlolis i immediately related these feelings with it.

Coming towards the end of a hectic week, this was all that i was thinking about. After a hectic week of handing in assignments the experience of Mzolis never left my thoughts. I had somehow created a feeling of excitement and hype linked to the township experience. Friday and Saturday had come and yet, no matter what i had done i still had Mzolis on my mind; my feelings basically determined and directed my behaviour that i headed for Mzolis Sunday afternoon and to my pleasure it was exactly how i imagined it. My feeling about the place was exactly how i experienced it and because of my feeling towards the township hype it had led my behaviour to visit and enjoy my Sunday :-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

What qualities are going to make me successful in the future?

To be successful in life, or reach the path towards success requires physical and emotional development. Physical development such as one’s cognitive abilities, the power of knowledge together with the emotional aspect. The emotional aspect requires the development of the individual; of me and how I can develop as an individual to further my path to success.

To develop maturely and be successful I need to be ambitious; one needs to determine a goal that you want to reach and be ambitious enough to go through all the odds to reach the goal. You have to have ambition is also to have drive; the ability to not give up while facing obstacles.

On my path of success I will need to be empathetic, to have empathy towards others. To reach for success one has to be a leader and a good leader has empathy; you are aware of individuals feelings and therefore you feel with them. Empathy is as profound as it creates relationships through the understanding of feelings. To become more aware of intuition will lead one to great success as it allows one to not make decisions based on ‘hunches’ yet, much more as it is a system that allows you to see within, much more than just our five senses. Some people get ideas, others hear music, see pictures some get sensations, others hear words and some have conversations. None of these are correct in creating success yet by paying attention to what is outside and inside of you will.

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot

We all have to agree that many of us are full of talk but, what make us different are the ones that talk and actually do. To put it into simpler terms; I know many who consistently talk about their dreams for the future and how successful they are going to be but, they seem to be dragging themselves along.

There are those who have ambition and drive and when in your company they seem to be on the ‘right path’ to creating their own success yet, the next minute I look they are still stuck at square one. I’m not sure what the excuse is for one who has such passion and drive to stand still on one place and still continue to talk a lot without moving.

My advice to those individuals would be to draw up a vision board and instead of talking about those goals, envision them becoming a reality like they all say ‘walk the talk’. You will find that you will end up where you’re supposed to be if you just put in extra effort in practice and less in talking.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tie your camel to the post

“See that you are fully secure while your looking for something else”
Nadia :-)

Imagine having everything you’ve always wanted then leaving it for something else which is not promising and leaves you at the end of the day with nothing. This is exactly what happened to a family friend of mine. An excellent business entrepreneur whose company flourished bringing in revenue that he never knew he would achieve so soon.

He bought a small farm along the West Coast and built a large home for his family. Everything was going great until he found ‘what he thought to be a great opportunity’ working in Dubai. I guess I would to considering that I would move to something better and with more opportunities than what South Africa has to offer. With no hesitation he sold his company, property and his highly adored expensive line of cars.

Having sold everything, the family moved to Dubai where he was offered a managerial position of a large firm. After a couple of days he wasn’t happy as the language barriers posed great concern in managing people he couldn’t fully understand. Not long after he took his family and moved back to Cape Town only to find that they no longer have a home of their own and found himself in a position of having everything to nothing at all. He had to start from scratch all over again.

The reason for this story is to make you aware that yes in your life there are going to be opportunities but, you never know how they will turn out so always have a plan B, that’s what I say. If you’re in a job you completely hate don’t just leave, you should be fully aware of the job shortage in South Africa. Therefore, suck it up and take the time to find another job first before leaving the one you have, you will only benefit yourself at the end of the day.

Wedding Cake in the middle of the road!

I must say when I first saw this heading it brings me back to the ideas I had of organising my wedding as a child and the wedding cake was one of the most important items where the dress was first, of course! Well, that thought has been pushed another couple of years into the future but, to focus on the effort that gets put into making and decorating a cake is unbelievable. Having a wedding cake in the middle of the road can only mean disaster and a huge disappointment for the designer/creator.

I don’t bake really but, my best friends’ mother loves to bake and enjoys making conversations on topping techniques or any creative ideas to make the product look more attractive. Hearing from her stories, it takes ample time to craft a beautiful cake with two hands which brings me to realize that a lot of passion and soul gets put into creating the ‘perfect’ wedding cake.

We all know that it is important to decide on the actual cake first whether, fruit, sponge, vanilla or my favorite chocolate; mousse to be exact. Well, the type of cake you decide on will determine the type of designs used on the foundation as it has to be delectable, moist and perfect. Next comes the best part; the plastic icing which is really tricky and not as easy as it looks as a great deal of time and effort are put into creating hand work of and decorations of; flowers, circles, hearts, twirls, dots etc.

It is an amazing way to let your creative juices flow therefore; I would be really pissed if ‘My’ wedding cake happened to land in the middle of the road.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Responsible Choice

Making choices is the most powerful thing that you do in your life because it shapes the way you live life. Choice comes with free will and leads to the question; do I have free will? Looking at this closer, free will means, your ability to make choices but, can we really choose what we will do next or is your choice always made for you. There is free will and my first free will is to believe in free will. Each choice creates a future, one choice leads into many possible futures and the future that you create is dependable on the choice you make. If you want a comfortable life i.e. car, house and a good job, your first choice would be to make the right one which is to further your education. Going to school to further one’s education opens many choices to be made thereafter to achieve the above mentioned goal, in making the right choice.

It is a poor idea to lie to yourself

A lie is one thing yet when, you lie to yourself which is to repeat this lie constantly, you are allowing yourself to believe the lie. When you lie to someone or lie in general is, a poor thing to do no matter the reason you might feel was worth the lie in the first place.

There are people who lie uncontrollably and sadly they become the lie as no longer is it a lie to them but, it becomes ‘their truth’. It is poor judgment of character for someone to lie to themselves and some may think that it is a way of forgetting something bad which they have done and therefore see the option to lie to themselves to make it easier to forget and move on.

Having to lie leads to a bad conscience and I do not see how one chooses to lie to themselves because, it only worsens the situation and at the end of the day the ‘liar’ will suffer emotionally and physically.