Friday, April 16, 2010

My Birthday, my opinion!

Its amazingly wonderful to realise each year on my birthday, what a gift it is to actually look back and say "Wow" another year "I'm getting older and hopefully wiser"

My day was a real good one ;-)

It started waking up in the morning to stormy weather but, that didn't phase me one bit because i enjoy cold weather opposed to warm weather. I believe that on those unbearable Cape Town, 38degree days ,there is absolutely no way to cool down but, in winter there are many ways to stay warm. Anyway getting back to the topic; i headed to class to attend a 'complaints session' which was more than interesting to say the least. I knew basically everybody wanted to target our Research lecturer because of the lack of structure especially when assignments are concerned. I honestly think that when he puts those slides up, it's not just our first time reading it as well.
The meeting turned out informative and was a good way to hear the lecturers side of things. Shortly after we had Communication Science where I was so grateful that we finally finished the long awaited "Development Communication" notes. It felt like my brain just couldn't handle more information at that point let alone the Research test which was to come.

The test went considerably well, I initially thought that it would be really hard considering how he stormed out the 'meeting' earlier the morning but, to my surprise it was good then finally, it was home time. The evening came real quick where my friends and I headed for Starlight Dinner to have some drinks and dinner, this was delayed as the car broke down on our way there. I was kind of irritated because, I'm always late for everything, if I'm early (which in this case I would've been) something would happen to make me late!

Eventually we were saved by the 'Knight in Shining Armour' and headed for Starlight, aware that we had major catching up to do. When we got there i put my crown on, and stomped my heels up the stairs which turned out to be another adventure on its own.

To be continued!


  1. and what would that adventure be? heavy drama, i'm glad you had a great 22nd bday.. who is the knight and shining armour? There always seems to be some kind of drama @ tech, I think some of the pr students should consider a career in drama.. hahaha

  2. There is a good structure and a fair amount of content. your writing is improving.

  3. Glad your bday had so much excitement, sorry for the car breaking down but otherwise a nice story