Friday, April 16, 2010

No, all who wander are lost

I was taught from young already ‘you can be anything you want’ my mom said, when I started school I looked up to the older kids, the seniors of the school. I always thought one day will be my day, my mom’s words didn’t just go in the one ear and out the other, it had a profound effect on me from as young as I was. Somehow I understood this; that the possibilities are endless and I hold my key.

I had a vision of what I wanted to be; in Grade one, I wanted to be a hairdresser, in Grade 7 I wanted to be an actress and in Grade 10 I so badly wanted to be a TV presenter. Basically, I had dreams, I had visions, I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew that it was important that I was going somewhere. It was ok at that age to not fully understand and formulate my goals because; I was just beginning to discover myself. Over the past 22 years I found that by having positive self-worth, it helped me understand where I was going, it helped me to determine my goals, I developed ambition and drive to get where I am today. I did it!

It’s easy for any ‘Tom and Harry’ to set goals for themselves but, it takes true determination and perseverance to put those goals into action. Before you can know where you’re going you need to know exactly where you are and from there derive your direction. This doesn’t come over night and therefore it is important to know your self-worth otherwise you will be lost.


  1. I like this piece,it is inspirational to those who havent found that "self-worth"yet.I also like the fact that you are putting more into your writing, in terms of content and emotion.

  2. Self-worth is incredibly important indeed.. I like see life as 'always strive higher!' If I accomplish something, it's not good enough and I'll improve it. With this I believe I'll go far.. Spread the message of light! Oh Yeah!!

  3. This piece is informative and spreads a life lesson good story.