Thursday, April 22, 2010

The sound of one hand clapping

Looking from a mystical perspective deriving from the 'Zen Buddhism' states that the sound of one hand clapping puts forward the interpretation to allow one not to think to much and allow our intuition to govern our actions. This allows us to stop the constant puzzles of thought of rational and intellectual thinking and allow us to explore our intuitive feeling rather that thinking rationally. I would say that it is a world that we all need to look through in a different lens. The sound of one hand clapping is exactly that; Its created by two hands clapping together.

According to Zen masters, in the early centuries their students would meditate on the 'sound of one hand clapping' which simply implies to listen not for the sound of one hand clapping yet, the sound that is already there something which is not created.

We all go through live seeking guidance; techniques, help, advice and yes life does through us curve balls yet, we are easily to ask others for help or their opinion or we make a decision which is not entirely decided on our own. Many of us are to afraid to sit back and listen to something deeper that ourselves and find the answer within us. Our intuition is our greatest guide to making decisions. To finally stop putting 'two and two' together and look beyond what we are physically seeing.


  1. Is it always good to let your intuition to govern our actions though?

  2. This is quite an insightful topic,the angle at which you wrote it is very informative yet also helps us to understand the true meaning of the topic.

  3. The sound of one clapping didnt make sense to me. You spoke about Zen and I didnt see the relevance or understand your explanation.