Monday, March 29, 2010

Forgiveness can restore moral and social order in SA

South Africa is a country with great diversity; we have every religion, every political view, every racial colour and one would ask how does a place so diverse work together, yet, in many ways it does. From my experience since our democracy in 1994, we observe each other and accept the decision made yet we still do not accept each other. Forgiveness is the key to live a long, happy life in a happy environment where people honor each other and their differences. True peace is the work of justice.

There are about 6 billion different nationalities, customs and different ways of living but, when you get straight down to the core you would realize that we all have the exact basic needs and wants. Everyone is South Africa wants to live a safe life, to feel secure with a roof over our heads and food on the tables. Many or all of us want to feel loved, be part of a family and be accepted in our social communities. Parents want to give their children a better life, to give the youth the best opportunities provided.

My daddy had taught me the term “Namaste” which originates from the Hindu religion. I’ve read that Albert Einstein was fascinated by this and wrote a letter to Gandhi asking what it meant. Gandhi answered and said that Namaste means ‘the God in me sees and honors the God in you, and when we are both in that place, we are one’. It’s amazing how one man can make such a profound statement that means so much. Finally, there is somebody that feels the same way I do, that life should not be left fighting on things that do not matter and instead incorporate harmony and peace in all spheres of life and start living.

With South Africa’s high crime rate and corruption one has to wonder how would it be different if all those in lead positions actually forgave one another. What if a man was out for revenge and just about to stab someone out of anger and for one moment he thought; what would this do to my family? Would it bring back the thing or person I lost? If I am to kill him will it put food on my table or a roof over my head? I feel that if everybody thought this way then Polsmoor Prison wouldn't be that full or any prison of that matter. By not forgiving who knows what would happen, you would commit a crime, kill, steal, and the consequences wouldn't be pleasant. By choosing not to forgive, would feel like walking around with a heavy suitcase through a crowded airport. Forgiveness and harmony go together. When you forgive someone, nothing stands between you and that person. Even if the person you forgive does not like you, you have laid your suitcase down and now you can travel lightly.


  1. There is no excuse for committing a crime,those who steal and murder,yes they are humans they deserve a second chance and they too want forgiveness from those who they've hurt- well some of them at least. Life is too short to live with grudges but criminals should pay - if we forgave criminals we would have more people committing crimes.

  2. Oh, this definitely is a great topic to speak about.. love how you expressed! people please promote peace and light!!! Don't be overcome by iniquity!