Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fish falling from the sky

Fish falling from the sky is something we would and would not really like to see, the actual fact that fish are falling from the sky or the feeling of fish falling all over your body is not something really pleasing. A summer’s day in the year 2000, local newspapers from Ethiopia reported fish falling from the sky. This unusual and very paranormal image dropped from the sky where millions of them were either dead or others struggling for survival. The local farmers from the area recalled the incident and panic swept through these religious farmers, some of whom thought this was a sign that the world is going to end. I wouldn’t see fish falling from the sky as a ‘sign’ that the world is going to end, seeing balls of fire hitting earth has more promise in its destruction than fish.

In fact, this is just one of countless cases and studies of rains of fish, frogs and periwinkles and even alligators that have been catapulted from the sky. According to paranormal researcher Charles Fort these creatures have been in fact come to be known as ‘Fortean’ activity. These paranormal activities have been said to be the result of severe storms, tornadoes and water spouts. Being as crazy as all this sounds, the theory has not been proven yet, the strong winds from these environmental disasters holds strong winds which pick up the fish from areas around ponds, rocks, streams or lakes which carry them from miles and miles and eventually drop them over land.
The tricky part is that, it only rains one kind of species of fish but, this cannot be explained as to how can wind be discriminating, as the storm scoops up water from a pond why are there not all kinds of things falling down from the sky like, frogs, weeds, sticks etc.


  1. Im lost. You should seriosly read before posting your blogs for grammar mistakes. I dontknow if this original as it seems like something from wikipedia.

  2. Paranormal Research.. Sounds awesome.. However definitely not a field for me.. Those guys must have violent nightmares.. I love for fish to rain in poorer parts of the world, where there's no food. Now that would be incredible.