Sunday, March 7, 2010

What colour is the wind?

The wind is blue and yellow; blue is the colour of the wind when people are sad or depressed. For example; it's a rainy day and the wind is blowing profusely, it is blue because, at that time people are unhappy about the weather. Many relate to blue days such as the 'blue Mondays' its the colour of feeling down, unhappy or gives your a feeling in the morning to stay under the covers because, if you go out for the day it cannot turn out for the best.

The wind is yellow on the days especially with that cool breeze on a very hot sunny day where, we all welcome that long awaited breeze on a 35 degree day. Yellow is the colour of happiness, it is the colour of the sun, it lightens our day and is seen on Sunflowers when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

To conclude if one has to classify wind as one colour, it would be green, as blue and yellow mixed together makes green. Green is a symbol of life, growth and nature where we all need one another to live. We plant the trees and the wind refreshes us on a very hot day and helps with the pollination of flowers.


  1. HAHAHA, im so loving this, the way you interpreted feelings into weather into colours... so cool...

  2. your creativity does bring about a sense of logic.

  3. .. scientifically I don't that the wind is green though.. nice theory but no.. doesn't it make sense to say it's grey, a series of shades of black and white.. just my opinion..