Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We are afraid of the wrong things

We are human and being afraid is one of the emotions that we have; fear has a lot of benefits but, at the same time it has a negative side too ,if we had no fear we would put our hand in a burning fire yet, we are afraid of getting burnt. Fear of not succeeding can make us succeed. Through our lives we also notice that through being afraid we do not do the right things. We are afraid of criticism as there will always be two opinions for all our actions. The act will be seeing wrong by the one and acceptable by the other therefore, how are we to decide what is write or wrong. At that moment you have to ask yourself whether your mind is clear or not, what is your conscience telling you and do whatever you have to do happily and courageously.

Many of us are afraid of being blamed for something or the other, by society, family, friends and many are afraid of disease or death as we might suffer a similar fate. We are afraid of being judged by our actions whether we were thinking at that moment or not. We are afraid of repetitive events that make our hearts ache, the sorrow that our mistakes might cause. Fear can be driven through kindness, love, regret, anger, all these emotions can be displayed through fear from what has been done or what might happen.
Fear is generated in our minds and what can be done to get rid of it. Some believe that fears are carried over from earlier reincarnations which are carried out from the very beginning of life, in the womb of our mothers. I feel fear is a consequence from the leassons we learn in life, we can choose to make the right or wrong choice because, as we grow we learn valuable lessons in life as well as the consequences and when we wrong these we fear those consequences.


  1. Read your blog firt for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is true. as people unfortunately are afraid of being judged by others, whichis why there is fear of doing
    the wrong thing.

  2. The greater the risk you take the more powerful you can one day become.. The smaller the risk, the smaller your growth potential.. It is up to you if you want to be the best or a flipping looser.. So stand up and do!