Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to mend a broken heart.

In our lives we go through good and bad times; falling in love for example has the most beautiful experience yet, many say do not be blinded by love meaning that love may distract you from reality. Yet, at this amazing point in time, where love is so strong it takes just one moment or one action to make it all disappear and being emotional beings we experience hurt. Many people say no one ever died of a broken heart, but when your suffering from one it sure doesn’t feel that way. Experiencing hurt, especially having a having a broken heart can tear anyone from being the social butterfly to not speaking to anyone. In the beginning we are learned to handle our problems as best we can, to be responsible, know the consequences and frankly I believe that once you allow yourself to fall in love, your taking a risk of possibly getting hurt. I guess this is the beauty of giving yourself to another and allowing you to be vulnerable to that person.

Here are suggestions that may help navigate your troubled waters of relationships that have ended and help you heal a broken heart….


Remember to breath, you need to survive the first day which is the most difficult and remember to take each day one day at a time – your not superwomen , so give yourself the space to mourn, sleep, eat ice cream :-)


Always tell yourself that it is OK for you to be feeling down but, don’t let this overtake your emotions. Your are human so congratulate yourself for opening your heart to love. What always works is to consistently fill your head will positive thoughts – “this will pass”


Friends are so important and reach out to those closest to you, it helps you to share your thoughts and make you feel a bit bitter. Hang out together and watch movies, take a night out into town although you don’t feel like it.


Exercise, go out for a walk, clear your head. Keep a diary near by and write your feelings down on paper, play music to make you feel good as this usually works best.


Do not call your ex! Resist the urge to contact him at all costs. Write a letter to him but do not mail it, or go out of town to resist the temptation to call, a changed environment usually works well.

These are probably the 5 simplest yet, hardest steps to ever get through as everything in life; ‘it is easier said than done’. Think of your experience as a learning curve, as an opportunity to determine new goals to spend some time with yourself and build confidence. Which you hardly did because, you were always thinking of two individuals but, now it’s all about you!


  1. I like this piece of writing. It is good advice for women out there who may have gone through this experience. You didnt only talk about the problem but you gave advie as to how to deal with the situation.

  2. I can speak from experience and it is good to speak about these things that make us feel so vulnerable. I think it give us some sort of courage and peace*

  3. Nice.. read.. so as an experiencer of love.. what would you say love is in a paragraph?