Monday, March 29, 2010

My Authentic Power

Studying Public Relations Management was pretty inspirational with regards to the opportunities it has to offer in the future yet, as everything else; there are good and bad. During my 3rd year I’ve learned how hard it is to actually find a job within this field and I must admit that this scared me through and through. I’m doing my B-Tech this year and I feel so inspired to do all that I could do to succeed whether it means struggling to find a job after I graduate or not. Its the journey thats all worth while.

I’m not much of a reader but with the start of this year I found my curiosity growing with various knowledgeable books that could benefit my education. I suddenly grabbed all the books that I could find; Marketing, Strategic Management, Research, everything that could increase my knowledge with my current course! For that moment it was amazing, I never knew that I would ever get that much excited over reading educational books that wasn't prescribed but, yet I experienced this enormous craving for so much more.

That moment felt like; I was heading to the most beautiful island in the world and with every opportunity, you row closer to the island. Friends have told me; don’t work so hard – I don’t need to row everyday as the island will still be there tomorrow. This island was my education and my determination to mold and shape my future to the way I want it to be.

This was my first experience with authentic power; it feels good in doing what you’re supposed to be doing, its fulfilling. My life is filled with meaning and purpose with no doubts for fears at that moment I was happy to be alive. It’s like I answered the unanswered question as to why we are here on earth? what is our purpose? I think it is to embrace every moment as your authentic self, to be joyful and make everything exciting and look forward to each day and night.
You can experience authentic power through caring for a child, building a house. It doesn't come from what you are doing but it comes from how you are doing it!


  1. I think this is something that a lot of people don't get. They don't get what their purpose in life is. Im glad you found your purose. This is good piece of writing,it is logical and sensible.

  2. lol thank you Stacey - and yes your right it is important to know yourself!

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  4. Indeed. Finding a job is no joke.. Authenic power! hhmmmm, I'm guessing we have a difference of opinion regarding its meaning.. Your authentic power is expressed as good and, awesome, however I see it as mostly evil which is evident in the world.. world leaders abusing that power.. but then, again, it must be good because God is the ultimate power and decider in the end of what goes.