Sunday, February 28, 2010

Is honesty the best policy

Honesty is the best policy as it is a sign of human integrity and being a good person.

Honesty is the strength binding all relationships; friends, family or partner. By being honest you have a clear conscience and you are respecting the person closest to you. Honesty is a step to free yourself from any fraud, deception or the smallest of things, like taking something that you shouldn't have and owning up to it.

No matter the severity of whats being said, by being honest it might worsen the situation or make you feel vulnerable yet, it's important that you are being true to yourself. As a result you've lifted a burden off your shoulders and now the ealing process can begin.

Yes, there comes a time in our relationships where you might feel that by keeping something away, your protecting the one you care for. In all fairness, you don't want to hurt the one you care about therefore, you keep it to yourself but reality is, that your only making the situation worse.

It's important to be sincere and truthful in all relationships because, that's what makes a strong and ever-lasting bond and builds good character.


  1. Check your work before posting it. A strong topic, it has structure and a point. Good.

  2. In being honest, one is true to themselves. You are correct in saying that it builds character... But when it comes to a relationship with your life partner, one should not be afraid to come out with the truth, because this partner might be the one you would want to spend the rest of your life with, do you honestly think that by keeping it away would protect the one you love? Don’t you think that if they get married and all that bagged is brought with into their marriage, it would make it fall apart because there is no foundation of that “full” trust! Why be in something when it is not true, the love might be but the heart isn’t...

  3. .. honesty definitely is the best policy.. It re-directs ones future in terms of making it bright and beautiful as opposed to lies which darkens it.. and most certainly honesty and the virtues tied to it is what makes a strong and ever-lasting bond which is important!!!