Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two people came out of a building into a story

After a heavy night of drinking Mike and Allen finally decided to leave the pub yet, they hadn't left the building the same way they entered. Mike, falling after Allen, who suddenly stoped, "why you stop?" asked Mike, "keep quiet! these doors are different" Allen said while trying to keep a straight face. Mike slowly getting impatient and irritated pushed Allen aside and hurried towards the door.

Allen drew irresistibly near to the door as well, like a magician craving a new magic trick. As the door swung open, their guts tightened as they looked into the nothingness. Mike being more inquisitive and terribly impatient took a step forward with Allen gripping him from behind. Suddenly they both fell into the nothingness, weightless, spinning out of control which felt even worse from all the booze drinking moments earlier.

While spinning out of control, Mike shouted "Are we going to die?" "No, just hold onto my hand, hopefully were just having a bad dream" said Allen. Mike threw his arms wide towards Allen, while struggling through the feeling of rushed air. Moments later they plunged downward into Rosemary bushes down below. After they finally regained consciousness they looked up at a sign that said "You have crossed from the world of living, brought here by power' frightened they looked at each other wondering exactly where they were.


  1. You lost me, im confused. Rather far-fetched hey.

  2. Awesome, story line.. However next time make Mike out to be a real magician.. Now that would enhance the story quite a bit. Your story sounds like one of those life changing drinking moments. Awesome!