Sunday, October 31, 2010

My BIG fat dream

I cant say that I ever really had a big fat dream or even remembered it the next morning. Lately, i seem to dream about violent things, which I think might be due to the high rise of stress in my life with studying and working.

I can honestly say that I can only remember small dream pieces yet, this only lasts about 10 minutes after I wake in the morning. If I'm able to choose what to dream I would dream about my life before this one. A dream so profound that it would really be one to remember although my life and not just 10 minutes in the morning.

I would imagine myself being an Egyptian queen, a slave who knows, to experience someones life where in the end if might have been mine. Now this would be considered as a BIG fat dream.

It is something that i feel cannot be ignored let alone forgotten, something that I can tell my friends and that will give me experiences that I know I cannot experience in reality.

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