Sunday, October 31, 2010

The perfect boyfriend - Charlton

I have been with my boyfriend Charlton Smith for about 6 years now and in the eve of our anniversary I thought I would like to say something nice and wonderful about him.

You know you always get those movies that says “ten things I hate about him” or “John Tucker must die” the guys in these type of movies are the usual – asses that just think of themselves which clearly puts them in a rut at the end of the day. My point is that with such negativity around how men treat women how are you able to find the right guy? Well, I found my Mr Right, he might not be perfect, you might not agree with me – yet, the best thing is ‘I don’t care’. This is someone that makes me feel complete to my very tippy toes.

A guy that occasionally remembers to open the car door for me – which makes it so much more memorable and blows kisses my way in the mornings and evenings. This might sound like a love story and yes, it is, this is my love story. Knowing and growing with someone so wonderful for so long and actually accept them with their faults and all makes me realize that this is my soul mate, my friend and hopefully continue our relationship bliss for many more years to come. Although with the usual and very annoying addiction to play station or guitar hero – I say that if you cant beat them, join them.

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