Friday, November 5, 2010

Being killed by a lion - Who's fault is it?

Currently on the news the family of the man who was mauled by lions at Addo outside Port Elizabeth have reacted with shock and horror to the news of his death.

This news really caught my attention as at the end of the day I have to question myself who's fault is it really?

The lion is a born to kill preditor, a animal of the wild and very territorial. I feel that lions or animals will only act once they feel that they have been threatened or someone has crossed in their territory. They think like animals while humans think differently.

We are trained from small already to know that there are certain things that are dangerious and that we should avoid. Honestly, trained lion or not, it is a lion. Humans are supposed to be intelligent intellectuals and know better, so yes basically I'm not saying that individual had it coming to them, what I'm saying is that we should learn to be more careful,alert.

You never know when things turn out horribly wrong!

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