Friday, November 5, 2010

Born to Travel

Traveling is so expensive it actually makes you scared knowing how much deeper you'll have to dig into your pocket. I will have to say at the same time knowing that there is such a vast world out there which I know I'm not even aware about!

Seeing various cultures, the way people interact with one another, findig 'global personalities' are so interesting. There are times I look out of my office window and just think what would It be like in Paris right now, or Rome.

These thoughts bundle up in my head and I'm full of excitement, the world is endless with all their posibilities yet, finance is alway the one putting you at a dead end! How I wish I had won the Lotto 7 times, which I personally think that they could've delegated that each individual can only win once.

Meeting tourists is alway such as pleasure and I cant hold my tongue at asking questions, how is Cape Town compared to where your from? What is your culture like? It must be amazing to travel and I know for sure that before I die I will travel to Rome!

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