Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My 2010 experience

My 2010 experience has ended up to be one of the most randomest experiences ever. Through a friend connection I was able to work at the Fifa fan park on the Grand Parade in Cape Town as a bar lady.

I had never ever been a bar lady and for my first time I decided to take a job where I will be serving the world, so much for starting at small up coming bars! At that note I was one of 200 bar ladies and to come in every 2 days to work, where we only served Castle beer in clear cut mugs and your normal soft drinks yet, we had to get rid of the bottle caps. Apparently it was Fifa’s orders as one could do some really dangerous things with a bottle cap - I mean really like someone’s death would be due to the harsh knock on the head with a bottle cap yet, it was the 'bosses' orders.

After working for about 6 days I was called in for an interview at a PR company where I decided to take the opportunity. On the day I rushed to the interview and hoped that it wouldn’t take long as I had to work at the fan fest thereafter. The interview took longer than expected and 15minutes after, I got a call to say I got the job! Great stuff right! Well, the next day many of us were fired from our bar duties which was a real damper on the Fifa spirit.

I met so many awesome people, I asked people from New York how is it compared to Cape Town and they actually said Cape Town is better than New York, I'm still puzzled about that one but, I will find out sooner or later. The Europeans are the craziest bunch of people that I had ever seen, when England lost they bought tons of beer just to throw it over their heads, they even knew how to do the ‘waka’ dance before I did!

My experience was great and a definite first for all South Africans, although I didn’t watch any games at the stadium it didn’t bother me much as I was right in the centre of the hype and met so many foreigners – who could have asked for a better job position at the best time ever!!!!

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  1. This blog is too long.
    An exprience like this doesn't always happen. You were there and got to experience it live. well structured blog, check punctuation though.