Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Try a Cliché

What goes around comes around

Have you ever thought of cheating an examination, speaking bad about somebody or bullying? Yes, I will be honest in saying I have. The cliché of “What goes around comes around’ is taken so far back that even my greatest, great ancestors have used this example yet, although we aware that this cliché in many cases has proven to be more than factual we still do stupid things. I would say that it is similar to Karma yet, Karma is said to alter your next life and the cliché who knows can hit you in the head the next week, day or minutes after the action took place.

A cliché is a true expression, often a figure of speech whose effectiveness has not been worn-out through overuse or excessive familiarity. I would also refer to it as a dead metaphor. Karma is the effect of a persons actions that determines his/her destiny in the next life-time so If im to work hard in this lifetime I will prosper in the next - or so they say.

An example of a true cliché is that when cheating in a test and yes I know many of us have tried this before yet, what confuses me most of all is that one will always sit next to the cleverest or brightest person in class and although your copying word for word (which you eventually learn that you can get easily caught out by doing this) the person that your copying from always gets a higher mark. This is where what goes around comes around fits in and basically if you don’t work honestly – you’re destined for failure.

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  1. Read your blog before you post it.
    Check you grammar/spelling and punctuation.
    And no it's not an example of a clich'e it's and example of karma.